Saturday, July 24, 2010

TOY STORY 3 - Remember how happy you were when it was only you and your toys??

This one is a piece of history. This movie of which i'm gonna talk about it's one of the best movies of all time, trust me, if you haven't seen it.. What the hell is wrong with you??? You need to enjoy this 103 minutes of pure fun/joy/sadness/melancholy among other things that will really make your day.. believe me.

Ok, getting the excitement about this movie aside, Toy Story 3 is the movie of the week and it's actually pretty good, and who knows why is it that i loved this movie so much (maybe it's because i'm a bit emotional.. and this film brought back so many memories..) but what could we expect? It's a PIXAR movie, which has WORTH written all over it, i mean, think about it, what Pixar movie haven't you loved? Monster Inc? Wall-e? Ratatouille? Those guys KNOW how to make movies and this one only reinforces this statement. So, just watch the movie (please!! You'll thank me later), by now, here's a trailer of the film that if you watched, you must love, and if you haven't.. well, you will.

And as i was telling you before, Pixar been one of the best film studios, one of her unique touches is to include a short film at the beginning of every movie they make, this one is from "UP" and it's called "Partly Cloudy", just give it a try...

CHRISTINA AGUILERA - I am done.. smoking gun.. we lost it all.. you lost me

Here comes a song that I had mentioned you before "You Lost Me" by Christina Aguilera (remember? you don't?? anyways..), i told you about this song when she premiered it at the finale of American Idol (to check that CLICK HERE ), and well, i guess the important people from her record label found out that we loved the song and now she's releasing it as a single (good choice!). What happens with this song is that it reminds us that there are true singers out there that have amazing real voices and that not everything is auto-tune (right T-Pain??) and well, when you get to watch the official video for the song (at the end of the post) you'll see how much does Christina believes what she's singing, i even got to a point where i could almost feel her pain (that's normal right?) and remembered so many things (good times.. and bad ones too), anyways.. she's a great singer, that really knows how to transmit her emotions through voice and image. Although at this moment her new album (Bionic) isn't having a great sales period, i think her new material is really good, so just give her a chance and listen to what she's offering.. Here's the video for "You Lost Me" (get a tissue handy.. you'll need it)

And here's her song "Bionic" from the album with the same name.. i really think this one also has a chance as a single, what do you think?

KATY PERRY - I think you're pretty, without any make-up on...

New single of the week: Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"
Even though her latest song "California Gurls" and some of her other singles (I Kissed A Girl, Hot & Cold...) had a dance tune attached to it, that is not enough for us to categorize this young lady as a singer that only makes music for the dance floor, nope, because she also has an unique way to express her emotions in amazing ballads (that she co-writes most of the time) like "Thinking Of You" and now this brand new single "Teenage Dream".

Some of you may not know this, but Katy is engaged to Russell Brand (yeah, the dude that presented the MTV VMA from 2009.. and actually, it was there when he met her, lucky bastard...) and some state that they are secretly married, but they said a wedding hasn't happen yet, anyways... that relationship is the one that makes this song so special because it's Katy who is happy as never before and well, only she knows how to put the magic that she's felling in a song, and.. that's what she did. I truly recommend you to listen to her new material, i think you'll be surprised (i am). So by now, here is her second single "Teenage Dream" from her latest album that shares the same name (the cover for the album is the image that you see up in this post). Check it out!

And here's a video from a single of her previous album (One of The Boys) called "Thinking of You", it's good also..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LADY GAGA - Who doesn't want a a bad romance?? Eh baby?

In this times, everything is a competition! One example is the fight for the most seen ever Youtube video and the contestants are: Lady Gaga with "Bad Romance" & Justin Bieber with "Baby". Even though in this moment Justin is the one that's winning with 248,766,948 plays, Gaga isn't as far from the victory with 247,195,191 so.. just make up your mind and watch a lot of times the video you prefer!! (If you're smart you'll choose  Gaga!!!)

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" (Watch it!!!)

and.. Bieber with "Baby" (Don't forget to watch Bad Romance again!!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ANGELINA JOLIE - Changeling...

I remember when this movie premiered, i used to watch the trailer but i never really got interested in going to the movies only to watch this one... but oh boy... was I wrong! I have to say that I've just finished watching this 2 hour film and... I'm really overwhelmed and keep on punching myself for not watching this before...

The movie deals with the life of a woman who used to be happy with her son until he disappears and she begins a non-stop search for his kid... With just a storyline as simple as that, Clint Eastwood was able to develop a magnifiscent piece of art that should be acclaimed by every movie lover.. Also, who wouldn't like to watch Angelina Jolie in a movie!

Anyways, here's the trailer of this great movie,  believe it's really worth to watch it!! Do it!! Even if you already did!! Do it again!!

Changeling - Trailer

Friday, July 9, 2010

LADY GAGA - Trance+Electronic+Pop = Glamour Zombie??

Since it's been a while that i haven't post something about Gaga (well.. not really, but anyways), this post is dedicated to her. First, i'll talk about one of her fanmade songs which is called "Glamour Zombie" and it's  a good record! Actually, I first thought it was one of her demos, but anyways... In the lyrics, we can hear some of the things of which Gaga always talks about like: New York, Fashion, Fame and.. Death?

Glamour Zombie - Lady Gaga

Also, here's a taste of her latest album The Fame Monster, the record is "So Happy I Could Die" and well, you can almost get high just by listening the song, so basically it's about drugs and wine... so, if you haven't heard this song.. do it!

So Happy I Could Die - Lady Gaga

EVANESCENCE - When the paparazzi crosses the line...

This post is dedicated to one of the records from The Open Door, the latest Evanescence album, which i have to say was one of the best rock-metal albums of all time!! Well, the record of which i'm talking about is "Snow White Queen" and doing some research i found out that Amy Lee (the amazing singer of Evanescence) wrote this song inspired by her fear of some stalker that was frequently sending her some scary mail with some scary things written on it, so she just expressed her fear in this 4:45 minutes of glory... I really think you can feel the anguish that Amy was feeling when she wrote and recorded the song.. but, anyways it's a good record.. and here it is.. just to get our motors ready for their new album that comes on the fall of 2010!!

Snow White Queen - Evanescence

MILEY CYRUS - Two More Lonely People...

"... there'd be two more lonely people in the world tonight. baby, you and i..." and that's pretty much the chorus for one of the tracks from Miley's most recent album Can´t Be Tamed, the single is called "Two More Lonely People" and i have to say that i really like it, i was reviewing her new album just to make sure if it was worth and surprisingly i found it really good, a little bit Gaga-inspired but... really that only gave the album a plus!

So, i truly suggest you to check Miley's new material, there are a lot of more mature lyrics mixed with good electronics tunes... So here it's the song that i was talking about.. hope you like it...

Two More Lonely People - Miley Cyrus

P.D. Don't you think the cover of her new album is a look-a-like of Britney's Greatest Hits??

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

THE CRANBERRIES - What's in my head?? Ahh!!

This is the first post that isn't about an artist or band that I admire, because, the truth is that I have never ever heard of The Cranberries before, but for some situations of life, now I happen to love some of their songs, so that's why I did some research and I ended up putting that here on my blog.

Well, for those who don't know nothing about The Cranberries, just understand that i'm not talking about the fruit ok? The Cranberries are an irish rock band that was created back in 1989, their leading singer is a woman who has one truly amazing voice (like a mix between Shakira and Linda Perry in my opinion), they have sold millions of albums worldwide, so... they're pretty good.

Anyways, here are some of the songs that I've been hearing recently that still stuck in my head... but, since their songs are really good, it doesn't butter me at all...

First, their single "Zombie" which deals with political matters and the humanity, it truly gives a taste of the leading lady singing power...

Zombie - The Cranberries

And then, "Free To Decide" which is an anthem to freedom...

Free To Decide - The Cranberries

Sunday, July 4, 2010

PINK - It's All Your Fault!!!

Here's one hell of a song that should've been released!!! Damn, those idiotic record labels!!! Well, anyways, here's a song from Pink's latest work Funhouse (that's right... the one she made because she was mad at her husband that then was her ex-husband and now is his husband again.. confusing the life of a singer, right?) and it's called "It's All Your Fault" (and yes.. it's dedicated to him). What i love about this song is that rock quality mixed with crushed feelings and hate that just tend to create masterpieces.. i don't know what you think but i really feel this could've been a number one hit.. so.. here it is.. enjoy! And buy her CD if you like it.. it's actually her best work i would say..

It's All Your Fault - Pink

KILL BILL - My baby shot me down...

One of my favorite movies of all time... Kill Bill. Even though it's been some years since it premiered, i haven't had the opportunity to watch this movie until last year, and immediately i felt in love with it (figuratively speaking.. of course). The thing that made this movie part of my favorites collection is just.. the story, the way that the events just appear.. so.. unexpected, with all the action that you need, but all the mystery that we deserve, i don't know,, it's kind of hard to describe this film, since i don't think there's any other movie that even compares to this one, but well maybe it's because i haven't watch a whole lot of Quentin Tarantino's movies (he's the director of this one, by the way).

So, i really hope you've all watched this movie, but if for some WEIRD reason you haven´t... well, what are you waiting for???? Just check this trailer for you to see what you are missing...

Kill Bill - Trailer

Anyways, are you curious to find out why is it that i wanted to do this post? (You aren't.. well, anyways) It's because i found one of the main songs of the film, the VIDEO! It's actually used more on the second part of the movie, and it is reaaally good, so dark and disturbed.. haha.. but it's still good..

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra

P.S. Like if you think she looks a lot like Taylor Switf