Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LMFAO – Electro-hop never sounded so dirty… but they’re DJs and their music rocks!

American group LMFAO (yeah, for Laughing My Fuckin’ Ass Off… in case you were wondering) will release their second studio album Sorry For Party Rocking, as a continuation of their electronic influenced first album Party Rock.

We’ve come to know LMFAO as a band that creates amazing dancing beats, full of electronic sounds and dirty lyrics, but once you’re into their sound, you won’t even care about what they’re sayin’ (shoul we say that? Ups…). Damn, even those guys from Jersey Shore used their songs for their educational show!

Lately we’ve been remembering some of their songs, and since we’ve never share any of them on the blog, and while we wait for new material, here are them, only for you to dance and enjoy!

Get Crazy – LMFAO
 I Am Not A Whore – LMFAO
 Yes - LMFAO
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