Friday, May 28, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL - The end of the show? At least of their ratings...

So, a couple of days ago was American Idol's finale and it was very... emotional. We all got to know the sad news about Simon Cowell's departure from the show, and finally knew who the winner was... and i can't remember his name (i have to admit that i didn't thought the contestants of this season were good enough for me to remember their names, so... what can i say?), the point is that he won over the girl and now both have a album contract, so... good for them!

One of the artists involved was Christina Aguilera. The contestants of the show gave a rendition of some of her number one singles like "Fighter", "Beautiful" and some others. When the time was right, Christina came on-stage, she brought her soul with her and delivered an outstanding performance of one of her songs from "Bionic" (her upcoming album) titled "You Lost Me" which i really hope becomes her next single, because it's really good and just shows us once again her out-of-this-world voice, it could be her new "Beautiful" seriously!

Christina Aguilera American Idol Finale

Honestly i've never been into Bret Michaels music, but all i know is that he was a member of Poison, a rock band from the 80's (i think...). Anyways, i've always liked one song from him "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and surprisingly he appeared at American Idol and sang it with one of the almost-finalists from this season "Casey" (the guy with who Kara DioGuardi cheated her husband... at least in her mind) Wonder why he didn't make it to the finale?

Bret Michaels performs "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"

And the history that really brought the ratings this time! Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol. We all must admit the fact that without him, the show won't be the same, honestly most of us only watched to see how he tortured the contestants (it wasn't only me right?), but apparently he's making a project in her own something like the X-Factor but here in America, so, i'll sure be watching that (and when the time comes, it will overshadow American Idol so... hope it comes soon!). Here are the winners of every season and some other contestants singing for Cowell for the last time and his good-bye speech...

Tribute to Simon Cowell

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