Friday, May 28, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL - The end of the show? At least of their ratings...

So, a couple of days ago was American Idol's finale and it was very... emotional. We all got to know the sad news about Simon Cowell's departure from the show, and finally knew who the winner was... and i can't remember his name (i have to admit that i didn't thought the contestants of this season were good enough for me to remember their names, so... what can i say?), the point is that he won over the girl and now both have a album contract, so... good for them!

One of the artists involved was Christina Aguilera. The contestants of the show gave a rendition of some of her number one singles like "Fighter", "Beautiful" and some others. When the time was right, Christina came on-stage, she brought her soul with her and delivered an outstanding performance of one of her songs from "Bionic" (her upcoming album) titled "You Lost Me" which i really hope becomes her next single, because it's really good and just shows us once again her out-of-this-world voice, it could be her new "Beautiful" seriously!

Christina Aguilera American Idol Finale

Honestly i've never been into Bret Michaels music, but all i know is that he was a member of Poison, a rock band from the 80's (i think...). Anyways, i've always liked one song from him "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and surprisingly he appeared at American Idol and sang it with one of the almost-finalists from this season "Casey" (the guy with who Kara DioGuardi cheated her husband... at least in her mind) Wonder why he didn't make it to the finale?

Bret Michaels performs "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"

And the history that really brought the ratings this time! Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol. We all must admit the fact that without him, the show won't be the same, honestly most of us only watched to see how he tortured the contestants (it wasn't only me right?), but apparently he's making a project in her own something like the X-Factor but here in America, so, i'll sure be watching that (and when the time comes, it will overshadow American Idol so... hope it comes soon!). Here are the winners of every season and some other contestants singing for Cowell for the last time and his good-bye speech...

Tribute to Simon Cowell

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL - Where are the contestants now?

This time i'll talk about Heather Kuzmich, best known as Heather from America's Next Top Model Cycle 9. She's the living example that a model should have the visual goods or the personality in order to be successful, and if they have both, then they become a super model (she has the looks... and the personality of course!). Even though she didn't make it to the final in her season, i truly believe that just by watching her pictures she should've won, but unfortunately her walk in the runway isn't as stunning (and after watching that is when Tyra Banks said that she could be a photoshoot model, instead of a "top model"), anyways... i think she's one of the best models that've been on that show and also a role model since she has autism and that hasn't stopped her. Also, is it just me or is she similar looking to Amy Lee from Evanescence? (i mean... Amy Lee = Evanescence).

Here's a video of her work post-ANTM...

What is Heather doing? ANTM Cycle 9

And here are some pics of her and one of Amy just for you to check and compare...

ELLEN DEGENERES - You're gonna be okay, dum-dum-da-duh, just dance!

A while ago, i was looking ideas for a speech and i found this video. I have to say that i've always have found Ellen DeGeneres as an amazing and extraordinary stand-up comedian, but i really didn't knew what she had been through, honestly i didn't care... but now i know that was wrong, because, as funny as she is, there's some dark past behind her and i really have respect for her since i saw this video. It's truly inspiring, and it also messed with my head (haha), since.. you may don't care but i'm actually in collegue and i'm still not sure about it... but anyways, that story may belong to another post... So, the video lasts almost 10 minutes, but believe me... you will be glad to have watched it.

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane's 2009 Commencement Speech

If either you don't have time to watch the video or just simply want to remember some highlights of the video, here are some quotes from her video...

"I didn't went to collegue at all, and i'm not saying you wasted your time or money... although, look at me i'm a huge celebrity...".

"The most important thing is to be true to yourself..." .

"My idea of success is diferent... and yours will change".

"Don't try to be something that your not...".

"Be true to  yourself, and everything will come...".

"Instead of showing your boobs, show them your brain...".

"Don't follow anybody's path, unless you're lost in the woods...".

"So, if you don't remember anything of what i've just said... just remember... You're gonna be okay, dum-dum-da-duh, just dance!"

By the way, good Gaga quote!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RIHANNA - Hey baby, who's a rockstar?

The song of the moment (in my mind at least, since according to "this song has never charted", and if you don't believe me just scroll down and see it for yourself). As i was saying, i personally think this single has great potential... but maybe in a concert, in her tour, since it's full of rock instruments and creates and amazing enviroment for such an epic performance... just hope that when she gets to go on her tour, she really squeezes the quality of this song and leaves us with our mouths wide open! Here i leave you the official video from her single "Rockstar 101", it's sexy as hell... but, what else could we expect from her?

Rockstar 101 (ft. Slash) - Rihanna

And here is the only performance of hers (that i've seen) of the same song "Rockstar 101" in American Idol. They've never had so many good artists before (Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, etc), maybe i should start watching it more next season.. if there's such thing as a next season (bad ratings i've heard... and also Simon is leaving!).

Rockstar 101 (Live at American Idol) - Rihanna

MILEY CYRUS - Where had she hidden that voice?

When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus

This happened some weeks ago, but that doesn't remove the importance from this video! It's just Miley Cyrus singing one of her songs "When I Look At You", and... she really brought her best at the set of American Idol. That week she was there as a mentor for the contestants, and even though i can't help but wishing that she could sing everytime ('cause i really find disturbing the way she talks... it's kinda stressing... you will tell at the end of the video), i have to say that i was impressed when i watched this performance because, the girl can really sing and some sort of perform (did she almost fall at 3:02? Was she afraid that she dropped her dress to the floor? Or was it just her hand that didn't knew another better place to be?). Congrats Smiley! Good job!

By the way, the song belongs to the soundtrack of one of her many movies... Honestly, i've never watched any of them, but... just a reference in case you were wondering (you did, didn't you?).

Monday, May 24, 2010

LADY GAGA - Who said she couldn't play the piano?

Paparazzi (Live) - Lady Gaga

Searching in the web, I found this performance from Lady Gaga, it's just her, a piano and a cup of tea performing "Paparazzi" in perfect harmony. If i had to describe how someone looks when they love their work... i'd have to show them this video. Just see it for yourself. 

By the way, I think someone just managed to get a new paparazzi...and i'm not talking about that little kid that decided to make a rendition to her performance. You'll see it in the other video... Did you knew that for those 5 mins, he managed to get a contract from Interscope eleveneleven? Lucky bast... Real proud for him...

Paparazzi (Live) - Greyson Chance

UPDATE: Greyson was really signed in Ellen DeGeneres's record label "eleveneleven", which according to her "started because i was inspired by him" Greyson she means.

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CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Someone call the doctor 'cause she lost her mind

After a long period of silence, finally Christina Aguilera opens her mouth again and... it's so good. Even thought there are some similarities with Lady Gaga (and Madonna, Rihanna, Fergie, Beyoncé... and the list goes on), we most admit that she has an amazing voice and she knows how to use it, aswell as her ability to know what's hot right now and just re-invent herself (that's how she calls copy, in case you didn't knew).

Here's the video for her first single of her new album "Bionic", it's called "Not Myself Tonight" and... she's definitely not herself right there. Haven't you thought what would it be to be a celebrity and do things like that (watch the official video) and then that your children watch it years later? Awkward... Well, hope she knows how to confront her son in a few years... 

Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

MADETOBENOW - kinda new, kinda expected...

Hey! So, this are the first words that i'll be writing on this new hobby (guess who was bored? i bet u can't) that i've just got. If i have to describe what will this be, i think that i could say... that i have no clue. Hypothetically it's meant to be a way of expression for me and for all of u reading (if there's anyone), so i can only tell u that u will find interesting stuff, at least for my point of view, right?, from music, to movies, to random shit and all those silly things that society wants us to buy... so, hope that i don't let u down!