Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LADY GAGA - For those that are in the waiting of Alejandro

One of the possible anthems of the summer according to MTV was Lady Gaga's single "Alejandro" from her album (not re-release) "The Fame Monster". So, the official video for the single was released a while ago. Now, some famous youtubers had been making their own version of the video and some of them, also of the song, so here is one example: her name is La Coacha and she sure is pretty funny (and mexican), her spanglish version of "Alejandro" will sure make you laugh a lot... Here it is...

Alejandro - La Coacha 

And if you haven't heard the original song, (putting aside that you aren't gonna understand the parody) you sure are missing some good tunes, so for all of you, here it is... The original Gaga's version of "Alejandro" from "The Fame Monster"...

Alejandro - Lady Gaga

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