Friday, January 14, 2011

LADY GAGA – Her animal is out! Unreleased Gaga song leaked!

 All of us are getting crazy just counting the days before February 13th, which you should already know is the day when Lady Gaga will release her brand new single from Born This Way on the Grammy Awards! (Or hopefully we get to listen the song before that…).

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga fans have found the way to leak into the web one of Gaga’s “demos”, which wasn’t supposed to be included in Born This Way, called Animal (which we use to call Jungle Claws). The web that leaked this content assured that it’s legitimate, but other sources claim that Gaga’s official manager has stated that Lady Gaga didn’t record any song called Animal.

So, at this point, at least we have a good song to enjoy while we wait for Born This Way to be leaked to be released, Gaga or not Gaga, I think Animal is a great song, so here it is for you… (One thing to be clarified is that the song is tagged for legal reasons, but we can still enjoy the tune… for now)...

Animal (Demo) – Lady Gaga (Confirmed)

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