Friday, July 9, 2010

LADY GAGA - Trance+Electronic+Pop = Glamour Zombie??

Since it's been a while that i haven't post something about Gaga (well.. not really, but anyways), this post is dedicated to her. First, i'll talk about one of her fanmade songs which is called "Glamour Zombie" and it's  a good record! Actually, I first thought it was one of her demos, but anyways... In the lyrics, we can hear some of the things of which Gaga always talks about like: New York, Fashion, Fame and.. Death?

Glamour Zombie - Lady Gaga

Also, here's a taste of her latest album The Fame Monster, the record is "So Happy I Could Die" and well, you can almost get high just by listening the song, so basically it's about drugs and wine... so, if you haven't heard this song.. do it!

So Happy I Could Die - Lady Gaga

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  1. Glamour Zombie isn't an old Lady Gaga song, it's from January 2010 and produced by Nathan Jay, using samples of Gaga's voice :)