Saturday, August 28, 2010

LADY GAGA - Gaga Queen Of Twitter Releases New Demo!

At this moment, the ARTIST Lady Gaga is the most followed person in the whole Twitter-World! Right now she has 5,883,377 followers, which just show us how many fans she has because she's such an amazing inspirational woman! So once GaGa found out this.. she was so excited that released a message for all of us.. Check it here..

And for all of us that are hungry for new tunes.. Check this "possible" single for her new album.. It's called "Out Of Control" and.. it's just pleasure for our ears..
Check it..

Out Of Control (DEMO) - Lady Gaga

KATY PERRY - You make me feel like I'm living...

If you remember I have written a previous post about this AMAZING song "Teenage Dream" by the gorgeous Katy Perry (REMEMBER HERE). By that time, we were waiting for her to release the official video, but guess what? Now we have it.. I know that it was released a while ago, and that's why I'm putting the Director's Cut which was released this week and it's a little bit.. sexier (Could you imagine?). So here it goes.. and also, check (i think) one of the most controversial songs in the future.. haha.. it's called "Peacock" so.. get ready after the video.. haha..

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Director's Cut)

Katy Perry - Peacock from "Teenage Dream"

AMY WINEHOUSE - Her tears dried on their own

Amy Winehouse is a piece of art.. because you know.. art is weird at times. Well, this young lady is about to turn 27 and has released two albums, but the one where everybody got to know her was called "Back To Black". I've to say that this is not my favorite music style, but her songs are so damn good that.. just changed my taste. She's supposed to release a new album next year, but who knows? In the meantime, here are some of her previous singles (masterpieces) so that we can remember and increase our excitement for the waiting!! Check HERE her official website ""

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SIMON CURTIS - Let the beat drop.. GaGa-copycat??

An upcoming artist is releasing his debut album.. his name's Simon Curtis and his record is called "8 Bit Heart", it seems he has a really good ear for music cus all his beats are sick! And by the way, he also writes his own material.. And just to make it even more propense to success.. he loves Lady GaGa, I'm even able to imagine a duet with him and that Lady, no joke.. So, here are some of my favorite songs on his album that you can download totally for FREE from his official website.. Check it  HERE ""

Beat Drop - Simon Curtis

Diablo - Simon Curtis

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Songs that should've been singles: Cloud Nine - Evanescence

Introducing a new section of this blog.. "Songs that should've been singles" and if you don't guess what is it going to be about only by reading the title.. then.. (read it again.. just joking.. no, seriously). Here I'm gonna post songs that even when had great potential as singles, the damn record labels never released them!!

This time is turn for Evanescence with their song "Cloud Nine", which is part of their latest work "The Open Door". Nine is about liberation, you can relate to this song from a lot of points of view, either when you are on an oppresive relation or if you just don't feel free to be yourself. I can really picture this one videoclip, but saddly for all of us, their fans, we will never have that.. but, since not everything is bad in life, remember their soon-to-be-released album which is just around the bend..

So.. here it is! Enjoy!

Cloud Nine - Evanescence

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Monday, August 9, 2010

LADY GAGA - New single? Teeth, Monster or Dance In The Dark?

Now with the summer just ending, it's time to say goodbye to vacations and summer anthems (Bye Alejandro!!), even though we will never forget neither one of those, the point is that GaGa needs to release a new single and us her "little monsters" are expecting great things from that woman because she has showed us that she can do GREAT things, so.. the media is always whispering weird rumors about her, but since we only care about her music, it's time to decide.. which song should be her fourth single???

+First it was "Bad Romance" according to GaGa "the most revolutionary song of the decade" and who can deny that?? (VOTE ON MTV.COM TO VIDEO OF THE YEAR)

+Second, "Telephone (ft. Beyoncé)", honestly not even in my wildest dreams i would have imagine this two women together but.. they didn't dissapoint (VOTE ON MTV.COM TO VIDEO OF THE YEAR)

+Third "Ale-Alejandro", now.. this one didn't had a lot of air time on the TV because of its dark/anti-religious/homo/weird/etc quality.. but, who can get this song out of their mind?? I know I can't...

+And fourth.. should it be ...
*"Monster" since it represents the title of the album it's pretty possible but remember she never released Fame from her previous work?

*"Teeth" honestly this is the song that I less like of GaGa 's repertoire even though I don't dislike it.. it's just not so good?

*Or "Dance In The Dark" (CHOOSE THIS ONE!!!! Just listen to this record and you will love it)