Saturday, August 21, 2010

Songs that should've been singles: Cloud Nine - Evanescence

Introducing a new section of this blog.. "Songs that should've been singles" and if you don't guess what is it going to be about only by reading the title.. then.. (read it again.. just joking.. no, seriously). Here I'm gonna post songs that even when had great potential as singles, the damn record labels never released them!!

This time is turn for Evanescence with their song "Cloud Nine", which is part of their latest work "The Open Door". Nine is about liberation, you can relate to this song from a lot of points of view, either when you are on an oppresive relation or if you just don't feel free to be yourself. I can really picture this one videoclip, but saddly for all of us, their fans, we will never have that.. but, since not everything is bad in life, remember their soon-to-be-released album which is just around the bend..

So.. here it is! Enjoy!

Cloud Nine - Evanescence

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