Sunday, September 19, 2010

RIHANNA - Who's that chick?? The only girl in the world? Huh?

This post is dedicated to one of the few people that were happy when GaGa took the Moonman for Video of the year.. her name is... Rihanna!! (No kidding.. Just check the pic at the end of the post...).

As we all know, RiRi is launching her brand new album, titled "Loud" and according to her, its essence will be more up-tempo, just like "Good Girl Gone Bad" and less like "Rated R". Talking about this, I really don't know why "Rated R" didn't quite make it in the market.. because I truly believe it's an amazing record, but who knows? At least it didn't failed as bad as Christina Aguilera's "Bionic" did.. (ups..), but I really like both albums you know??
So.. back with RiRi.. last week she released "Only Girl In The World" which made us believe that it would be her next single, but just this week she released an official video for "Who's That Chick (ft. David Guetta)" so, who knows?? The good thing is that both songs are amazing.. so, just enjoy..

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Only Girl In The World - Rihanna

And.. seems I'm unable to add the official video.. here's the song..
Who's that chick (ft. David Guetta) - Rihanna

And.. as promised.. check the faces of Rihanna, Katy, Ke$ha and even Justin Bieber when they heard the news about the award that GaGa won (yes, when she was wearing the Meat Dress)...
 thanks to for the pic... and yes, Ke$ha is not wearing her shoes in the pic..

SHONTELLE - Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken...

Now, it's time to introduce an artist that.. even when has 2 albums, maybe she's new to some of us.. her name is Shontelle, her style is R&B and it's like Rihanna before she went bad.. I haven't had time to listen to all her material but at the moment I found out about this song and its lyrics (which are really TRAGIC and SAD), i said to myself "You had to talk about this!" and well.. here it is.. I really prefer to just listen to the song.. because the video is like "Meh!", I felt I've seen that before... Anyways, beautiful song.. it's her first single "Impossible" from her album No Gravity.. Also check "Perfect Nightmare" which is her current single..

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

LADY GAGA - Real proof there are still artists...

It's been a while since last post, but to return with a good one, here's one of my favorite live performances of all time.. this one is from Lady Gaga (weird eh?) while she was at the V Festival last year. The song I chose is "Paparazzi" and it has a pretty good remix involved and also.. just her voice, image.. it's everything.. Just check it..

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

LADY GAGA - Cus you're living on the radio.. that's the dream

NEWS FLASH OF THE WEEK!! Lady Gaga's coming to Mexico!!! Yeap, on May 2011 we will receive this young lady in our land, which is.. how to I say it correctly.. mmhh.. AMAZING! Tickets will start selling on September 6th, so we're practically doing anything we can to get the money to have the best seat available.. haha!!

Another good news is that on this week Gaga released a brand new song while performing on the Monster Ball Tour, it is called "Living On The Radio" and it's not been cleared if it's gonna be included on her next album, but still the song is incredibly good.. It's like a sad sad tale about the life of a pop star, just describes how they gave all for their dreams.. So here it is..

Living On The Radio - Lady Gaga

SHAKIRA - Loca con mi tigre.. Loca, loca, loca!

After her latest worldwide smash hit "Waka Waka" which was the official theme for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, has became the most successful song that ever represented this kind of event and also became the fourth most watched video on Youtube, Shakira has decided to release new material!!

Her new work is titled "Sale El Sol" ("Sun Comes Out" in english) and to give us a taste of this, she has just released her first single which is called "Loca". At first glance, it's a bit different to all of her previous songs, which may cause that some people dislike it, but after hearing it about 8 times, I kinda love it.. So here it is.. Because at the end, you are the only one that can judge if you like it or not..

Shaki's Loca (English Version)

And in case you're interested.. here's the spanish version of the song...
Shaki's Loca (Spanish Version)

And.. just to remember.. the official video for "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)"..