Saturday, September 4, 2010

LADY GAGA - Cus you're living on the radio.. that's the dream

NEWS FLASH OF THE WEEK!! Lady Gaga's coming to Mexico!!! Yeap, on May 2011 we will receive this young lady in our land, which is.. how to I say it correctly.. mmhh.. AMAZING! Tickets will start selling on September 6th, so we're practically doing anything we can to get the money to have the best seat available.. haha!!

Another good news is that on this week Gaga released a brand new song while performing on the Monster Ball Tour, it is called "Living On The Radio" and it's not been cleared if it's gonna be included on her next album, but still the song is incredibly good.. It's like a sad sad tale about the life of a pop star, just describes how they gave all for their dreams.. So here it is..

Living On The Radio - Lady Gaga

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