Monday, May 24, 2010

LADY GAGA - Who said she couldn't play the piano?

Paparazzi (Live) - Lady Gaga

Searching in the web, I found this performance from Lady Gaga, it's just her, a piano and a cup of tea performing "Paparazzi" in perfect harmony. If i had to describe how someone looks when they love their work... i'd have to show them this video. Just see it for yourself. 

By the way, I think someone just managed to get a new paparazzi...and i'm not talking about that little kid that decided to make a rendition to her performance. You'll see it in the other video... Did you knew that for those 5 mins, he managed to get a contract from Interscope eleveneleven? Lucky bast... Real proud for him...

Paparazzi (Live) - Greyson Chance

UPDATE: Greyson was really signed in Ellen DeGeneres's record label "eleveneleven", which according to her "started because i was inspired by him" Greyson she means.

P.S. Think Greyson has a future on the industry? Click on the like button if you think so! (By the way, Gaga loves him!!!)

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