Sunday, September 19, 2010

RIHANNA - Who's that chick?? The only girl in the world? Huh?

This post is dedicated to one of the few people that were happy when GaGa took the Moonman for Video of the year.. her name is... Rihanna!! (No kidding.. Just check the pic at the end of the post...).

As we all know, RiRi is launching her brand new album, titled "Loud" and according to her, its essence will be more up-tempo, just like "Good Girl Gone Bad" and less like "Rated R". Talking about this, I really don't know why "Rated R" didn't quite make it in the market.. because I truly believe it's an amazing record, but who knows? At least it didn't failed as bad as Christina Aguilera's "Bionic" did.. (ups..), but I really like both albums you know??
So.. back with RiRi.. last week she released "Only Girl In The World" which made us believe that it would be her next single, but just this week she released an official video for "Who's That Chick (ft. David Guetta)" so, who knows?? The good thing is that both songs are amazing.. so, just enjoy..

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Only Girl In The World - Rihanna

And.. seems I'm unable to add the official video.. here's the song..
Who's that chick (ft. David Guetta) - Rihanna

And.. as promised.. check the faces of Rihanna, Katy, Ke$ha and even Justin Bieber when they heard the news about the award that GaGa won (yes, when she was wearing the Meat Dress)...
 thanks to for the pic... and yes, Ke$ha is not wearing her shoes in the pic..

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