Saturday, January 15, 2011

MIGUEL – All he wanted was you!! R&B is definitely ready for him! And you?

We love discovering new music, and we’re pretty sure that you do too, so this time we’ll introduce you to Miguel, an American recording artist, producer and songwriter that was signed back in 2007 and up until November of last year, he had the chance to release his debut album All I Want Is You.

Among some of Miguel’s musical influences we can found artists like: David Bowie, Phil Collins, Freddie Mercurie and even Kanye West, which tells us a bit about his music style. He manages to put together R&B, rock, hip hop and electronic sounds, making his record extremely great.

We have a feeling that he’s gonna make it big way. Now, his first single was released a while ago, it was All I Want Is You (ft. J.Cole) and it’s one hell of a song! Now, we had the fortune to tell you that his second single will be Sure Thing, a great follow-up from the last one.

If you haven’t heard any of those songs, don’t worry, we don’t want you to miss the greatness of these songs… so here they are!

All I Want Is You (ft. J.Cole) - Miguel

His brand new second single…
Sure Thing – Miguel

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