Saturday, January 15, 2011

EMINEM – Part of his recovery: Dealing with no love, now… Space Bound or 25 to Life?

Most popular American rapper from our time it’s, without any other question… Eminem! Seems it all started back in 1996 when Em, released his debut album Infinite, he was 24 back then so we can assume that his music has changed a lot, and we can hear that on his latest record Recovery.

This album makes a statement in Eminem’s career, because he’s now publicly letting us know about all of his “issues” and how he’s solving them, that’s why its nature could be defined as “emotional driven”. So far, he has released Not Afraid (amazing “comeback” song), Love The Way You Lie (with RiRi as a featuring artist, priceless!) and No Love (with the help of Lil’ Wayne on the mic).

All three single he has released, have been great choices, but now we’re starting to question which song will become his fourth single? Us, Eminem’s fans would like him to release every song on Recovery, but… that´s not possible (right?) so we had to choose.

Some of the songs that’ve had more popularity are: Space Bound and 25 To Life. Both amazing songs that could become hit records. So, let’s hope that Eminem’s management crew makes the right choice! (They cannot go wrong this time…). Here are those songs of which we were talkin’ about and Em’s official video for No Love, enjoy!

No Love (ft. Lil’ Wayne) - Eminem

Space Bound - Eminem

25 To Life – Eminem

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