Friday, January 21, 2011

THE DECEMBERISTS – Chorus of the week: Down by the water, down by the old main drag

Lately, we’ve loving the new song of The Decemberists Down By The Water. If you have never heard of them, we couldn’t blame you because just recently we had the chance to hear by the first time of this band, you need to know that they are together since 2001 and so far, they've released six studio albums!

The Decemberists are an American band whose style could be defined as indie pop with a mix of folk rock, really good stuff, you know? Their latest album is called The King is dead and actually was released this month. We suggest you to listen to this incredible track, you’ll notice that It will get stuck in your head and you will want to buy the album… and we will share the feeling.

Here’s the single that we told you about. You will love it!

Down By The Water – The Decemberists

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