Friday, January 21, 2011

LADY GAGA - Scheiße (Mugler Remix) premiered at Nicola Formichetti’s fashion show! Another taste of the soon to be released Born This Way!!!

Yeah, we are aware that this song was available since yesterday but we were still starstruck by its awesomeness, so unaware of everything else except of Gaga’s music ability that we forgot to talk about this here, for you!

One good thing about Gaga’s new song is that, for those of you who speak German, it’ll be easier to learn, since most of the lyrics are in that language. Antoher fun fact is that Scheiße is the equivalent on English to “shit”, which comes to show us, once again, how little could Gaga care about what anyone could think about her (and we loved her a little bit more then).

The remix of Scheiß, a song that will be available on Born This Way was developed by the same Lady Gaga, and according to her, it doesn’t have its chorus (it’s fuckin’ awesome chorus, we may dare to guess…) on purpose! She just want us to die of excitement or what? We kid, we love Gaga and we love Scheiße (the song, ok?).

Here’s the official track which we know you will love! Remember, only 14 days before Gaga premieres her first single from Born This Way at the Grammys!

Scheiße (Mugler Remix) – Lady Gaga

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