Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CHRISTINA AGUILERA – Bionic may have failed on the market, but it has a lot of plays on my iTunes!!!

Back in 2010 when we found out that Christina Aguilera was gonna release her sixth studio album in June, we were kinda excited, because we really have love for her, her voice is just beyond words and we like her ability to change as an artist every time she begins a new project.

When June came, we got Bionic and we were blown away by it, it’s one of our favorite CDs on our library, but it shocked us how she failed at the market. I mean, she even made history in the UK for the biggest drop in chart history over there! But still… we love almost every song on the record, some people blamed her for copying other artists (Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry… and the list goes on) and maybe she did (gotta accept it) but still, her material was quite good.

At this moment, Bionic promotion is finished and they’re no longer gonna release songs from this album (blame the commercial failure on this one), but we’ll be waiting for Christina to release some new material that make people remember that she was there before and she deserves to be here today.

If you haven’t heard Bionic for all the bad press that it received, then you’ve lost some amazing songs, I recommend you to check it out and just decide by yourself (you’ll love the songs). Here are those songs we really liked from ChristinaAguilera’s Bionic:

Bionic – Christina Aguilera

Little Dreamer – Christina Aguilera
Bobblehead – Christina Aguilera
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