Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE – If the only hope for me it’s you… then, what’s next?

For all of those who are currently enjoying the futuristic tracks from rock band My Chemical Romance’s latest album Danger Days: True lives of the fabulous killjoys, here’s one other gem from this album that was released before SING but just as a promotional single (it seems) since they didn’t record any music video, but we’re glad since we LOVE SING.

Which song should be their third single? We would go for Planetary (Go!) because we fuckin’ love that song! It’s so good, full of rock, emotion, dance beats, we could picture an incredible video for that one and the radio exposure would be really great too. So, let’s hope that My Chemical Romance chooses wisely and congrats to them on their amazing record!

Haven’t heard The Only Hope For Me It’s You? Then… Don’t waste more time, here it is! And also, our proposition for third single: Planetary (GO!)

The Only Hope For Me It’s You – My Chemical Romance

(3rd single Wish) Planetary (Go!) – My Chemical Romance

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