Monday, January 10, 2011

ERIKA FATALE – The future of pop music is here!!! Haven’t you heard of her? WTF are you waiting for???

As a big music lover that I am, I was doing the usual, checking for new music here and there, until I found the next big thing (yeah, I said it) and her name is… Erika Fatale (so many dangerous name lately, don’t you think? Natalia Kills? And now Erika Fatale?).

It’s no secret that we LOVE pop music, maybe it’s just the huge range of possibilities that this music style provides us (or maybe it’s just Gaga messing with our mind, who knows?), so it was a great pleasure to hear some of Erika Fatale’s repertoire, we felt in love completely with Femme Fatale. To describe her, we would say she has a great voice, an amazing body and some great producers to back her up. Her sound is pure pop, dancing beats and electronic sounds (pure pleasure for our ears).

Considering that the tracks we are able to hear right now are just demos, and she’s not a signed artist (can you believe it?? These damn record labels are getting dumber and dumber as every second pass!), her songs have great potential. We're not gonna say there’re perfect but she could achieve that word just well. 

We have high hopes for her. So, if you wanna hear some of her stuff, here’s a mash-up of some of her songs just to give you a lil’ taste! Don’t forget to check her official site for more songs!! (HERE)

Erika Fatale Medley

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