Monday, January 10, 2011

SHAKIRA – Shit! Why she didn’t release these songs??? They're amazing!!!

Just a couple of days ago, Shakira’s second single from Sale El Sol was released, and it’s Sale El Sol the track that took that spot, but… we really don’t like that song, and that’s way bad since we have almost all of Shakira’s records, but we really feel that was a mistake… but, maybe it wasn’t her fault (we want to think), maybe her recent breakup with longtime boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa affected her a bit...

Checking her whole album, we came to realize that she should’ve released either: Rabiosa (ft. Pitbull), Lo que más or Islands. We think that any of those songs could have a bigger commercial impact than the one we assume Sale El Sol will cause, but who knows? Maybe we’re wrong (we are not!!) and maybe her record label made the right choice (NAAAAHHH!!).

Anyways, here are the tracks of which we were talkin’ about, and if you are interested in hearing Shakira’s second single (we know you’re not), I’ll leave it at the end of the post.

Rabiosa (ft. Pitbull) – Shakira

Islands – Shakira
Lo Que Más – Shakira

Crappy second single from Sale El Sol
Sale El Sol - Shakira

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