Friday, June 18, 2010

LADY GAGA - Alejandro has arrived and he's never been so... dead?

Lady Gaga's latest creation has finally hit the web (like a week ago honestly, but sorry for the delay..). And i have to say that the video was "unexpected", a word which meaning Gaga has helped me developing in so many ways, like: when she bleed out to death in the MTV VMA that was "unexpected", when i saw her video for Bad Romance that was "unexpected", the latest time i've been surprised by her was when i saw that she ate a rosary beads chain in her new video for "Alejandro".

Although some may say that the video isn't really that "commercial", this time i truly believe that it's a piece of art (a while ago, i never thought i would accept that.. but she blew off my mind, really!). There seems to be a lot of histories between those 8 and something minutes, but the one my understanding got me to find was the fact that a dead ex-lover keeps on haunting a devastaded Gaga who turns to religion in order to forget her fallen love and when everything fails she decides to takes hands on the subject and eats a rosary beads chain and seems to die, maybe to find her lover again... Well.. that's what i understood from the video..

If anybody has another vision from the clip just let me know.. So here it is.. Alejandro!

Alejandro - Lady Gaga

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