Sunday, July 4, 2010

KILL BILL - My baby shot me down...

One of my favorite movies of all time... Kill Bill. Even though it's been some years since it premiered, i haven't had the opportunity to watch this movie until last year, and immediately i felt in love with it (figuratively speaking.. of course). The thing that made this movie part of my favorites collection is just.. the story, the way that the events just appear.. so.. unexpected, with all the action that you need, but all the mystery that we deserve, i don't know,, it's kind of hard to describe this film, since i don't think there's any other movie that even compares to this one, but well maybe it's because i haven't watch a whole lot of Quentin Tarantino's movies (he's the director of this one, by the way).

So, i really hope you've all watched this movie, but if for some WEIRD reason you haven´t... well, what are you waiting for???? Just check this trailer for you to see what you are missing...

Kill Bill - Trailer

Anyways, are you curious to find out why is it that i wanted to do this post? (You aren't.. well, anyways) It's because i found one of the main songs of the film, the VIDEO! It's actually used more on the second part of the movie, and it is reaaally good, so dark and disturbed.. haha.. but it's still good..

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra

P.S. Like if you think she looks a lot like Taylor Switf

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