Sunday, July 4, 2010

PINK - It's All Your Fault!!!

Here's one hell of a song that should've been released!!! Damn, those idiotic record labels!!! Well, anyways, here's a song from Pink's latest work Funhouse (that's right... the one she made because she was mad at her husband that then was her ex-husband and now is his husband again.. confusing the life of a singer, right?) and it's called "It's All Your Fault" (and yes.. it's dedicated to him). What i love about this song is that rock quality mixed with crushed feelings and hate that just tend to create masterpieces.. i don't know what you think but i really feel this could've been a number one hit.. so.. here it is.. enjoy! And buy her CD if you like it.. it's actually her best work i would say..

It's All Your Fault - Pink

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