Sunday, June 27, 2010

EVANESCENCE - Is it fall already? It isn't....!

One of my favorite bands of all time has as a singer, one of my favorite girls of all time, and her name is.. Amy Lee!! She and her friend  Ben Moody were the ones that back in 1995 dreamed about a band that would be called Evanescence and that's how they started to make their dream real. Now, a decade and a half later, Evanescence is still here but only one of their original members is still part of the band.. Amy Lee!

Even though, it's been some time since they dropped a new album (The Open Door on 2006), Evanescence hasn't finished and they've just announced that they're new album will be on stores on this fall 2010!!! I have to say, that Amy Lee is the best song writer i've ever heard and i really love the way she portrays her feelings in her lyrics. I really hope this new material is even better that their previous (Fallen & The Open Door), so.. we'll just have to wait to hear the final product...

In the meantime, her is one of the best records from Evanescence, it's called "Call Me When You're Sober" and.. well, the title pretty much explains the song.. but watch the video.. is GOOD!

And here's the latest work we've heard from them, it's a B-Side from their previous album, and it's called "Together Again".. An important fact is that they put this song out when all the Haiti incident happened and they donated all the incomes from the song to this purpose, which only makes Evanescence a greater band!!

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