Saturday, July 24, 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA - I am done.. smoking gun.. we lost it all.. you lost me

Here comes a song that I had mentioned you before "You Lost Me" by Christina Aguilera (remember? you don't?? anyways..), i told you about this song when she premiered it at the finale of American Idol (to check that CLICK HERE ), and well, i guess the important people from her record label found out that we loved the song and now she's releasing it as a single (good choice!). What happens with this song is that it reminds us that there are true singers out there that have amazing real voices and that not everything is auto-tune (right T-Pain??) and well, when you get to watch the official video for the song (at the end of the post) you'll see how much does Christina believes what she's singing, i even got to a point where i could almost feel her pain (that's normal right?) and remembered so many things (good times.. and bad ones too), anyways.. she's a great singer, that really knows how to transmit her emotions through voice and image. Although at this moment her new album (Bionic) isn't having a great sales period, i think her new material is really good, so just give her a chance and listen to what she's offering.. Here's the video for "You Lost Me" (get a tissue handy.. you'll need it)

And here's her song "Bionic" from the album with the same name.. i really think this one also has a chance as a single, what do you think?

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