Saturday, July 24, 2010

TOY STORY 3 - Remember how happy you were when it was only you and your toys??

This one is a piece of history. This movie of which i'm gonna talk about it's one of the best movies of all time, trust me, if you haven't seen it.. What the hell is wrong with you??? You need to enjoy this 103 minutes of pure fun/joy/sadness/melancholy among other things that will really make your day.. believe me.

Ok, getting the excitement about this movie aside, Toy Story 3 is the movie of the week and it's actually pretty good, and who knows why is it that i loved this movie so much (maybe it's because i'm a bit emotional.. and this film brought back so many memories..) but what could we expect? It's a PIXAR movie, which has WORTH written all over it, i mean, think about it, what Pixar movie haven't you loved? Monster Inc? Wall-e? Ratatouille? Those guys KNOW how to make movies and this one only reinforces this statement. So, just watch the movie (please!! You'll thank me later), by now, here's a trailer of the film that if you watched, you must love, and if you haven't.. well, you will.

And as i was telling you before, Pixar been one of the best film studios, one of her unique touches is to include a short film at the beginning of every movie they make, this one is from "UP" and it's called "Partly Cloudy", just give it a try...

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