Saturday, July 24, 2010

KATY PERRY - I think you're pretty, without any make-up on...

New single of the week: Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"
Even though her latest song "California Gurls" and some of her other singles (I Kissed A Girl, Hot & Cold...) had a dance tune attached to it, that is not enough for us to categorize this young lady as a singer that only makes music for the dance floor, nope, because she also has an unique way to express her emotions in amazing ballads (that she co-writes most of the time) like "Thinking Of You" and now this brand new single "Teenage Dream".

Some of you may not know this, but Katy is engaged to Russell Brand (yeah, the dude that presented the MTV VMA from 2009.. and actually, it was there when he met her, lucky bastard...) and some state that they are secretly married, but they said a wedding hasn't happen yet, anyways... that relationship is the one that makes this song so special because it's Katy who is happy as never before and well, only she knows how to put the magic that she's felling in a song, and.. that's what she did. I truly recommend you to listen to her new material, i think you'll be surprised (i am). So by now, here is her second single "Teenage Dream" from her latest album that shares the same name (the cover for the album is the image that you see up in this post). Check it out!

And here's a video from a single of her previous album (One of The Boys) called "Thinking of You", it's good also..

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