Thursday, January 6, 2011

TAYLOR SWIFT – After all that Kanye drama, think she’s haunted so ok… let’s get back to December

Taylor Swift

One of the most recent aditions to our music library is Taylor Swift’s Speak Now, you may be askin’ why in the hell would I buy that album, but the thing is that I was reviewing the best albums of 2010 according to Rolling Stone magazine and there she was, this country girl was on the top 10, so I knew I had to check her material (I also saw Vampire Weekend, Eminem and Kanye West, but there will be another post for them).

So, we got  Speak Now on our laptops and we really weren't thinking on keeping any of the songs (except for Mine, I really like that song), but I was shocked when minutes later I was singing the chorus for Haunted on the shower, or when I was humming Innocent later on. The thing is that she has some catchy songs but some others that I’m just waiting to erase of my computer. I mean, Taylor is absolutely gorgeous but I was not in love with the whole Speak Now theme.

Some songs that I reaaaaally liked are: Speak Now, just pictured a video for that one; Innocent, it’s the one she performed at the VMA 10 right? Thought it was called Die Kanye West, I hate you, I guess I was misinformed; Haunted, I’m in love with this song, it’s intensity is overwhelming, I’d love to see her perform this one; and Mine, who knows but I love this kind of songs that have eternal chorus.

We wish Taylor Swift a lot of luck in her music career and we could say that we are happy with our purchase, she made us change our mind. So, here is the official video for Mine (an old one, I know) and our favorite song from the album called Haunted.

Mine – Taylor Swift

Haunted (Acoustic) – Taylor Swift

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