Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NATALIA KILLS – She kinda reminds me of Lady Gaga, electrobeats!!!!

New british girl in town Natalia Kills is ready to release her debut album Perfectionist. Natalia has a “darker sounding pop music” style and she even writes her own stuff but also she’s a short-film director and actress.

Just recently, we had the chance to watch her official video for Mirrors, which is her first single from Perfectionist, and we were kinda impressed, we really have high hopes for Natalia, but we just can’t forget this thought that keeps crossing our mind that yells at us “Lady Gaga!”, there’s some sort of vibe that she has going on that reminds us of her, but since her music is a bit different, we are gonna ignore that thought.

As we stated before, debut album Perfectionist is stated to be released around March 2011, and we really cannot begin to imagine how many electropop beats will be included in it (excited face!), so we are definitely gonna get it ASAP. Here is her official video for Mirrors and for promotional track Zombie.

Mirrors – Natalia Kills

Zombie – Natalia Kills
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