Thursday, January 6, 2011

30H!3 – Their first kiss was with Ke$ha, so now what?

American duo 3OH!3 latest album is called Streets of Gold and it’s full of electropop sounds, that are quite well represented by their first single My First Kiss, which had a special feature of our beloved Ke$ha, and for their latest track Double Vision, which was an amazing choice from their record labels, as a matter of fact it was one of our favorites when the record was released (back in June 2010).

We have to admit that, at the beginning we didn’t see that much future for 3OH!3 when we first heard Don’t Trust Me, even thought it was good, it sounded more like a one-hit wonder, but here they are… still. Actually, they really won us when they had Katy Perry as a featuring artist on Starstrukk because the version without her was as good as the one with Katy.
Here are the official videos from their single My First Kiss (ft. Ke$ha) and Double Vision. By the way, we really hope they release Still Around as a third single.

My First Kiss (ft. Ke$ha) – 3OH!3

Double Vision – 3OH!3

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