Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SHONTELLE – They say she’s brainwashed but she’s in love

Rihanna’s look-a-like Shontelle has released her second album (for me it seems like a debut album honestly) titled No Gravity which is a mixture of pop, R&B, electronic and some tropical sounds. Even though she’s a newcomer, her music is absolutely good, I would even say that she reaches Rihanna’s standards because not only she looks like her, she also sound a bit like her (she looks more like her previous self, not that Rated R girl).

Just a few weeks ago, Shontelle released her second single Perfect Nightmare’s official video that follows up her first single Impossible, a beautiful track of which I’ve already talked about in HERE. Perfect Nightmare opens her big doors, since it’s catchy tune and up-tempo beat makes it a great dance song, a bit different than Impossible, but it gives her a wide repertoire. I think you will love her, but you’re the best judge when it comes to music. So here it is!

Perfect Nightmare - Shontelle

And here's a song of hers that I cannot get out of my f*ckin mind!! It's called No Gravity and its chorus is sick man!!! It's stuck in my head!

No Gravity - Shontelle
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