Saturday, January 1, 2011

LILY ALLEN – Why??? Why she does that to her career???

According to Lily Allen, the rumors that stated she was gonna quit music, are sorta true. Just a few months ago, the British singer said that she’s still writing music but just not for herself. Actually all 2010 she was in a hiatus respect to her own music career, because she focused a lot of her attention on her own record label, her store, in a possible acting career and in getting pregnant.

Since the moment I first heard Smile from her first album, I totally fell in love with her music, a couple of years later I heard The Fear and I really could see Lily Allen being a great singer/writer for quite a long time, so it’s very sad to think that we’re no longer gonna hear new music from Lily, I mean, of course we’re gonna hear the stuff she writes, but it will not be the same without her voice.

For those of you that appreciate the good moments of Lily’s career. Here are my favorite videos of her, hoping that she reconsiders that thought and decides to make a new record for herself:
Smile - Lily Allen

Not Fair - Lily Allen

The Fear - Lily Allen

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