Monday, January 3, 2011

POP CULTURE - The new era is here (but we already knew that, right?)

Who hasn’t heard those famous lyrics that go like “Ups, I did it again…” or ’Cus we are living in a material world” or a recent one “Po-po-po-poker face po-po-pokerface”? The point of this question is transcendental for the objective of this humble article, which is to let the reader know that we are living in a society that was created for us, and no that wasn’t a writing mistake, this society is being created “for us”.

Some may say, well, the society is built by all of us, with our interests, our favorite activities, our traditions, our people, but in this new era of communication, I have to tell you that that’s a huge lie we’ve been told over and over. In the actuality, the biggest companies are trying to get into our head all of their products, even if it’s a toaster or a microwave, or even a pop singer, their objective is to sell, but what is ours? We have been told over and over what is “popular”, what is part of the “mainstream”, and some of us fall for that false idea of reality, because in a normal world, we are all free to decide what is it that we want to hear, buy, read, watch or eat. The point is that another person is making the choices for us, they dictate what’s popular, which album is good, which music should we listen to and most important, who’s going to make it and who isn’t in the music industry.

I think we should really check the path that are choices are following and just ask ourselves “Am I listening to this music because I like it or because I’ve been told so?” Remember that we are all free to love the sounds that we want, even if it’s rock, metal, country or pop, we are able to choose, decide and say “Hey, your material is good and I’m going to hear your music” or “Even when you’re popular, I totally hate your music and that´s ok”.

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