Monday, January 17, 2011

NEON TREES – Oh oh I want some more! What are you waiting for? You’ll be loving this song (if you aren’t in love with it already!)…

American rock band Neon Trees released their debut studio album Habits back in March 2010, and we have to say that it’s GOOOOOOD!

We’re sure you all have heard their first single Animal, but the thing is that maybe you just didn’t knew who were you listening to… (BIG MISTAKE!) Their record Habits has some amazing songs that will make your head spin for a while! Believe us, we all have a rock soul inside, and Neon Trees will help you on reminding those memorable tracks that you just can´t never forget!

Here’s their first single Animal (song we’re sure you’ve heard somewhere…) and their second single 1983, just in case you fall in love with Neon Trees (you would…!!):

Animal – Neon Trees

1983 – Neon Trees

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