Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HEIDI MONTAG - I know what you're thinking (WTF???), but she does it really good

I don't want you to misinterpret the title of the post, I was talking about her just following directions from producers (music producers, gotta clarify). I know that all of us are sick of hearing about Heidi Montag, The Hills and all those crappy shows that MTV has been recently airing, but the thing is that, maybe not all of you know this (or care to know it), last year celebutant Heidi Montag released an album called Superficial and it didn't made it so well on the charts not all of the songs sucked... really, we couldn't tell because we didn't buy the album, but some of her previous songs were good and some others we "assume" she attached to this album were also kinda catchy.

At first we were kind of embarrassed to tell you this, but actually we have  in our iPod some of Heidi Montag's tunes (guilty!), but because we really think those songs have a bit of potential, like: Body Language, No More & Touch Me. Even though these songs are FULL of sexual connotations, they sound quite good, so we really don’t know who to blame for Heidi’s huge commercial failure when she  released her album, could it be her? Or her crazy boyfriend/agent/control freak? Or maybe the fault was of the producers behind the record? Who knows? The point is that we have those songs and they have a lot of plays on our iPod.

One song in particular that reminds us a bit of that old pop music and we hope is part of her debut album and it's called Your Love Found Me, who knows why, but this song has something that we like a lot, not so sure if it would’ve made it on the radio, but the point is we like it and you should hear it, maybe (just maybe) you may develop some love for some of Heidi’s tunes (not all of them because some  kinda suck…). Here are some of Heidi’s songs we have on our current playlist:

No More – Heidi Montag

Your Love Found Me – Heidi Montag

Touch Me – Heidi Montag

P.S. Share some love by clicking the like button below this =D and thanks to UrbanDictionary for the definition of celebutant: "Someone who is famous, i.e. is featured in Vanity Fair magazine, on the E! channel, et al., but has no talent other than being a slutty whore. A celebutant should not be confused with a porn star." 

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