Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KESHA - Cannibal? It sounds better than what you think, believe me...

Back from a long rest! At last! Here we are, writing for you about our favorite artists, music, movies and... actually everything we could think of... really. So, here we are with the young lady (LOL, couldn't resist, sorry) Ke$ha who just last month dropped her latest album untitled "Cannibal", which was surprisingly original considering her last album was called "Animal"... Anyways, this time somebody tried to go Gaga on their album and only decided to give us 8 new tracks (so The Fame Monster of you Ke$ha). 

About the album, well we think that 8 tracks was the best decision for her since actually only 4 of the songs are "good", which is quite weird since those are REALLY good (yeah, we said it!). So, congrats to Ke$ha for her new album and we really hope she chooses as singles some of our choices. 

Now, if you are anxious to listen some of her new stuff (or if you already downloaded ilegally ;) ) here are, according to us, the most promising songs of the album...

Sleazy - Ke$ha

Blow - Ke$ha

Uh, and before we forgot, here's her latest music video for "We R Who We R" which actually was one of our songs selection...

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