Thursday, December 23, 2010

DEV - If you like Gaga, Ke$ha or Timbaland, check this out!

Born to portuguese and mexican parents, Dev. Maybe you've heard of her in the latest single of Far East Movement "Like A G6", an electropop tune which is pretty awesome actually. Well, that's how Dev is trying to jump into the mainstream with her debut album Bass Down Low

Her style is kind of electro-pop and it is absolutely recommended for those of you who like Gaga, Timbaland, Ke$ha (you get the point right?). So, here I'll leave you the official clip for her current single which is Bass Down Low.

Bass Down Low - Dev

And just to remember (or if you've never heard of it) the video for Like A G6 featuring Dev by Far East Movement

Like A G6 (ft. Dev & The Caracs) - Far East Movement
Don't forget to check her myspace for more info:

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