Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ADELE - Amazing voice but WTF with that video??

It's time to listen some tunes from the other side of the pond, straight from London comes Adele with her second album titled "21" (knowing that her first album was called "19" lets us know that she likes to keep it simple with the titles, but anyways). 21 is set to be released on January 24, 2011 (which is very close to February when Gaga will release Born This Way!!!), but right now she has already dropped her first single called "Rolling In The Deep" which is basically an orgasm for our ears (yeah, it's THAT good) because this young woman has an incredible voice, she can reach those amazingly high notes without even putting much effort into it, and I don't mean it on a bad way, I totally love her now and I will buy her album as soon as it hits the stores and you should do that too!!

Here, only for your pleasure, I'll leave you the official video for her latest single Rolling In The Deep, which isn't that great, but, you can just close your eyes, put the volume up and enjoy it!

Rolling In The Deep - Adele

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