Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LINKIN PARK – They’re burning skies as we speak! New vid for Burning Skies!

So, just last week we found out that Burning Skies was the song chosen to be A Thousand Suns’ third single and we were very pleased!

Since the beginning, Burning Skies was one of our favorite songs from the record because it reminds us a bit of Numb, one of Linkin Park’s biggest hits and it kinda develops that style that they’ve created over the years, it’s just pure rock with the amazing vocals by Chester Bennington (did you notice his appearance on Saw 3D? Well, we did…). The clip has very good visuals mixed with a slow motion setup, pretty cool if you ask us.

The official clip has leaked into the web so if you’re a big fan of Linkin Park, you will enjoy this and if you just love good music, you will also like it!

Burning Skies – Linkin Park

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