Friday, February 4, 2011

ADELE – Couldn’t believe Jamie XX managed to make Rolling In The Deep a better track! You have to listen this song!

Lately we haven’t had the time to enjoy some new tunes but we’re happy to say that we found one hell of a track that just fits perfect with our music choices! 

First of all, we’re not really big fans of remixes since (almost always) they tend to be lame not so good comparing to the original version, but… and this is a BIG BUT... Jamie XX has done an outstanding job while remixing (aka making even more perfect) Adele’s first single from 21, Rolling In The Deep!

You do not want to miss this track and if you’ve already heard of it, then listen to it again because it’s wonderful! Anyways… the only sure thing is that we don’t see this Adele obsession going anywhere sometime near!

Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle) - Adele

In case you want to hear more good music from Jamie XX, check his myspace account here!

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