Sunday, January 9, 2011

PINK – It’s not only her single, she’s fuckin’ perfect!

Congrats to Alecia Moore (A.K.A. Pink) on her baby! We’re truly happy for her, since she has become a part of culture, with her revolutionary thoughts and her different style she just came here to stay. Her latest record is her second compilation one, called Greatest Hits… So Far!!! And we have previously discussed how great her song Raise Your Glass was, but now it’s time to talk about her second single which will be… Fuckin’ Perfect!

It’s not like she had a lot of options for a new single because she only included three new songs on the record, but those three are all incredible. Fuckin’ Perfect is full of that Pink style, that mixture between bad ass and sentimentalist, which had made her an incredible artist throughout the years.

If you like pop, rock… if you love music, you should definitely check her Greatest Hits… So Far!!! , we bet you won’t be disappointed, and if you already had it, here’s Fuckin’ Perfect just for you to enjoy it once again…

Fuckin’ Perfect - Pink

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