Saturday, January 22, 2011

AVRIL LAVIGNE – This is why we love her! Since Goodbye Lullaby is not ready yet and meanwhile 2nd single is here, let’s remember everything back but you!

“‘Cus you wrote: “I wish you were her”, you left out the “e”, you left without me, and now you are somewhere out with that bitch, slut, psychopath, I hate you, why’re you guys so lame?” As some of you may recall that’s the chorus for one of our favorite Avril Lavigne’s songs called Everything Back But You from her last album Best Damn Thing.

We could say that this track is the kind of song that just makes you feel it, Avril really manages to transcend her emotion throughout this one, and we really admired her for that. While we’re waiting for her new record Goodbye Lullaby, let’s just remember one of her performances for this amazing tracks Everything Back But You!

Everything Back But You – Avril Lavigne

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