Friday, December 24, 2010

PINK - Raise your glass for her!!!

After 5 albums and 10 years of career, beloved Pink has decided to release a compilation of her greatest hits untitled Greatest Hits... So Far!!! in which we can find real gems as Don't Let Me Get Me, Sober, So What, Just Like A Pill, Stupid Girls and some new tracks like Raise Your Glass and Heart Breakdown.

Just recently, Pink confirmed to Ellen DeGeneres that she's currently expecting a lil' baby and that she really isn't that sure if that's quite a good idea since she just can't imagine a child that would be like her in her teen years, but she'll have to deal with that later on. As far as her musical career, right now she has released a clip for her latest single Raise Your Glass which is part of her Greatest Hits and this video is... practically everything P!nk stands for, so good for her!

Check the vid here...
Raise Your Glass - Pink

And just to remember the great times...
Trouble - Pink

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