Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LINKIN PARK – We’ll be burn inside the fires of a thousand suns

American rock band Linkin Park reveiled their latest album A Thousand Suns on September 8 of 2010, and in that same day they opened new doors for rock music. This album is full of new styles, they mixed everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, from fears of humanity, to electronic beats, references to the atomic bomb, etc. Their lyrics are full of… guilt (I guess you could say), for what’s going to happen to the world, it’s like they say that the final time is near and that we deserve all the bad things that will happen, and our only hope is to recur to God, like in The Requiem where it says “God save us everyone, will be burn inside the fires of a thousand suns for the sins of our hand, sins of our tongue, the sins of our father, the sins of our young” (pretty amazing lyrics if you ask me).

Reccently Mike Shinoda (the guy that raps a lot) told MTV that "On this record, the concepts blend human ideas with technology [...] Human fears, your fear of what's going to happen in the world, the music kind of references that".

So far they’ve released two singles from this album, The Catalyst and Waiting For The End, I personally like the first one most, but… here are both videos to let you decide.

The Catalyst – Linkin Park

Waiting For The End – Linkin Park

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