Friday, December 31, 2010

BEST OF 2010: Paramore

Looking back in time, American rock band Paramore had quite a year. They spent almost all of it on tour, promoting their latest album Brand New Eyes (amazing record by the way).  At the ending of last year, they released their first two singles which were Ignorance and Brick By Boring Brick and on this year, they released Careful, Playing God and The Only Exception. I have to say that I’m love with the whole album (of course there is the normal exception Turn It Off was like… ugh..).
Talking about numbers, well, the band really sold a lot of albums, which means that Hayley’s got herself a couple of more dollars than before. They managed to go platinum on countries like Australia and United Kingdom, and gold in places like Ireland and the United States (just to do mention of some).
Still, not everything was sun and flowers for the band, just recently two of the members made an announcement, where they stated that they were leaving the band (Josh and Zac Farro). It’s important to say that back in 2007, Hayley and Josh were dating, so even though we’re not sure, maybe there were some controversy in the band because of this, which inevitably lead to the departure of their leading guitarist and their drums guy.

Here are some of Paramore's best vids:

The Only Exception - Paramore

Brick By Boring Brick (Live in Tokyo)- Paramore

Playing God - Paramore 
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