Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LADY GAGA – So she nailed it at the Grammys? Could we’ve expected anything less than that? GagaEgg!

On sunday, the Grammys celebrated their 53rd anniversary and they had some pretty amazing moments, Rihanna got on-stage twice, Usher got emotional with Justin Bieber and how could we forget the fact that Gaga arrived at the Grammys on an vessel  (an egg really!) and she was in
incubation for 3 days (according to her interview with Jay Leno!).

Everything was going along the line of “boring” but then, the time for Gaga to be born came and she outdid herself (once again!) with a special performance of Born This Way!!!!

Now the next big thing on our calendars will happen on May 23rd, when Born This Way will be released and according to Gaga “this would be the best record of the decade”. Haven’t checked the performance piece? Or NEED to watch it once again? Here it is…

Born This Way (Live At The Grammys 2011) – Lady Gaga

By the way, congrats on the 3 Grammys you won Gaga, you totally deserved them!

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