Monday, February 7, 2011

BLACK EYED PEAS – Second single is out! It’s time for their next dirty bit! Just can’t get enough!

So The Black Eyed Peas made some headlines with their exclusive performance at the Super Bowl yesterday, you know why? Because they nailed it! It was truly an epic moment, and yes maybe they weren’t singing so good but they had a good time, and did we!

Now the reason why you’re here is because now we can tell you that Black Eyed Peas’s second single from The Beginning is none other than Just Can’t Get Enough (which if you remember was the first option on the poll they created to choose the single! Coincidence?). Personallly, we would’ve preferred Don’t Stop The Party or Love You Long Time, but… there’s always a third single, right?

While they drop the official vid, let’s just enjoy the song and admire the artwork for the single because their artwork has been quite good lately, don’t you think?

Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas

And here's the so talked about performance at the Super Bowl! With features of Usher and Slash!

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