Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ADELE – Did you find someone like Adele at the Brit Awards 2011? Don’t miss this outstanding performance!

Yesterday, the Brit Awards 2011 were celebrated and they were really good! Incredible performances at a massive location, the O2 Arena. 
Even though the whole event was great, two artists stand out on their performances, and one of them was Adele (the other one was Rihanna) , who really shined on the stage! Her rendition to Someone Like You was just beyond words, you know why? Because she feels what she’s singing, you could even see her almost crying at the end! We truly don’t understand why she wasn’t even nominated!

Well, there will be other award shows so don’t sweat it! If you haven’t seen her performance, believe us when we say you NEED to do it! Here it is…

Someone Like You (Live at Brits 2011) - Adele

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