Saturday, January 8, 2011

BRITNEY SPEARS – In the waiting for her to hold it against you, you got hot as ice!

It seems that the rumors were true, and Hold It Against Me, which is Britney’s new single from her seventh studio album, will be released sometime around January 2011. So far, a demo of the song was leaked and we have to admit that we didn’t like it that much, but Britney tweeted that her version is way better so, we’re gonna believe her (for now).

If you haven’t heard the demo version you really didn’t lose that much here’s the song just for you to judge. And for those that just cannot wait any longer to her Brit’s new material, here are some jewels from her incredible record Blackout, the song is called Hot As Ice and I will include the demo version and the released version, so you can decide which one did you like best!

Hold It Agains Me (Demo) – Britney Spears

Hot As Ice (Demo)  – Britney Spears

Hot As Ice (Official version) – Britney Spears

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